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Managing your payroll isn’t the most glamorous part of starting a company, but it’s important. Your employees need to get paid even if there are only three of them. Unless you have an HR person, it’s up to you to make sure this happens. Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as writing a check pulled from your personal checking account, so you need to tread carefully.

While you’re small, it’s easier to pay an outside company to handle your company’s payroll. There are plenty of companies and startups that are willing and eager to manage that headache for you. Look into administrative services organizations or professional employment organizations to help you with payroll and decide which is best for you. Whatever solution you choose for your company, it should make your life easier not be overly complex and excessively expensive.

Pick a system that works now and will allow you to focus on running, growing and expanding your business. Choosing a payroll provider is especially important. It allows you to pay your employees and contractors in a timely manner and avoid those angry emails and phone calls when a check hasn't gone through. ADP, Zen and Intuit are among the most popular payroll providers.

You can also choose to hire a professional employment organization like TriNet to provide more personal services. The perk of having a professional employment organization is getting extra assistance in areas like hiring and firing and advice on regulations that apply to employees.

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