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Some people detest it, other people live for it —but anyone in the business world will tell you that networking is an integral tool for any creator. Networking can be as casual as striking up conversations in the bookstore or as involved as running or attending events; it can be a conscious and deliberate act or a serendipitous meeting with a good follow-up. 

Regardless of just how you go about networking, it’s simple enough to see the logic and foundation behind why it is so fundamentally important in the world of getting things done.

If you happen to dislike the notion of networking, consider this for a few moments: Few far-reaching, impactful, and “successful” things were ever done alone. Almost every invention, company, organization, and movement took the combined passion and intellect of many, many individuals. Networking, at its core, is the human process of connecting with people and helping each other thrive in the world.

Chances are, you have some remarkable insights or talents that another creator needs and that whatever you’re working on could use the help, expertise, or knowledge of others to speed things along. Fulfilling this need through shared knowledge and connection is networking. 

But how do you strive away from the typical adverse notion behind networking? How do you strike up a meaningful and interesting connection with anyone? There are hundreds of books on the subject and you choose whichever one you fancy. 

Perhaps one of the best axioms of advice on the subject of “effective” networking is this: Act as though you’ve never met a stranger—everyone is your colleague and your friend.


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