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Languages and Frameworks

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Every piece of technology in the world is built using a variety of tools known as languages and frameworks.

In short, a programming language is a syntax, grammar, semantics, and core-coding library. Some commonly known and widely used languages include Python, Ruby, Java, C, and C++.

Different programming languages have different advantages. Some programming languages are incredibly simple to use, but notably slower than other languages. Others can be incredibly efficient, but take weeks or months to learn. Overall, the language that something is programmed in is very open to the needs and desires of the developer.

So what are frameworks? These are toolkits built from one of the languages. They aid in the programming process, saving developers tons of time. For example, the programming language JavaScript has a host of frameworks like AngularJS or OpenUI5 that help developers build great products.

When choosing what language to program your new app in, choose something that makes sense for the type of product you’re going for. If you can utilize languages with extensive frameworks, you can save a ton of time when trying to work on more complicated projects. 

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